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«Ever been fucked in a bathroom stall?»

«Only when there's no paper.»

«Buy me a drink.»

«Why the hell would I do that?»

«So, I know that you're serious about moving this relationship forward.»

«You ain't good looking enough to talk like that.»

«Cart before the horse, pretty eyes.»

«So it's my eyes you're after?»

«No, but I was raised a gentleman.»
Rogue | Kanada/UK 2013+ | Created by Matthew Parkhill | Darsteller (Staffel 3): Thandie Newton, Cole Hauser, Richard Schiff, Sarah Carter, Derek Luke, Bianca Lawson, Brian Markinson u.a.



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Kaum noch AAA, viel Indie und Multiplayer, wenig Steam und Switch.


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